We help you to use digital to be strategic, mission-led and to operate more efficiently. This opens opportunities to grow and engage audiences, to improve your organisational digital skills and capacity and to increase revenue streams.

Harnessed effectively, digital technology can be transformative. Whether you want to create impact, increase resilience, connect with your communities or develop your digital leadership, we can provide you with strategic support, practical advice and a clear roadmap for the future.

We’ve strengthened our digital offer through our exciting new merger with Culture24. Take a look at our new offer below and see how we can help you.

We can help you to:

  • Let’s Get Real. Culture24's flagship collaborative action research programme strengthened and refreshed in our new home at The Audience Agency. Supporting a cohort of arts and heritage organisations each year to become more relevant, resilient and responsive to digital cultural changes. Find out more here.
  • Grow and connect with your audiences and communities. Engage online audiences, set up and run successful online community participation programmes, create meaningful digital content, understand your audiences and their digital behaviours and transform internal processes.
  • Develop your digital literacy and skills. Audit, understand, evaluate and develop the digital skills within your organisation using our sector-tested approach, frameworks and established tools.
  • Build your organisation’s digital maturity. Support your team to measure and assess the digital maturity of your organisation and create the right conditions for change. Embed digital into your organisation’s culture, weave digital into your operational strategy and deliver digital projects to the highest standard.
  • Become a digitally literate leader. Help to create the right conditions for change and enable your teams to understand the ways in which digital technologies, content and culture can best serve the mission of your organisation.
  • Evaluate the impact of your online activity. Understand which of your digital activities are most successful and how different audiences are responding to your online offer.
  • Develop new services and experiences. Think deeply about how to increase your revenues, reduce costs, & launch new offers through digital.
  • Transform your organisation through digital. Be more agile to change, fulfil your mission and meet the needs of your stakeholders. Address the language you use and your organisation's approach to digital. Refocus the mindset and culture of your organisation. Interrogate the purpose and values behind what you do and how you do it.

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