With input from expert collaborators, local communities and your own team, we help you to review the accessibility of your offer and consider how to improve.

We can help you to:

  • See your offer from all perspectives. Take both an expert and user-eye view of the experience you offer to deaf and disabled visitors, working with our regular collaborators, including Vocal-eyes, Stagetext, AccessibilityNet and DiverseCity.
  • Implement sustainable change. Our audits cover the full “before, during and after” journey, helping your organisation to focus on changing the things that make the biggest difference to your users, whilst being manageable and sustainable for you.
  • Focus on the future. As well as offering clear feedback on what you could improve in terms of your current offer, we also help you design "what next" solutions to take your offer to the next stage of accessibility.
  • Be ambitious about improvement. We aim to go beyond recommending “reasonable adjustments”, to help everyone in your organisation feel confident about welcoming deaf and disabled people.
  • Think big. We also help you develop a culture of universal access: how can the changes you make help you to include the widest possible public?

How it works:

Our modular approach involves putting together an expert team of in-house experts and partner assessors to develop a programme based on your needs as an organisation right now and the needs of the communities around you. Modules include:

  • Recruiting user-panels from your local community.
  • Consulting with non-attending disabled people in your community.
  • Implementing Visitor Journey Mapping of your offer.
  • Assessing specific aspects, such as web accessibility.
  • Delivering a staff workshop programme that enables creative responses from your team, introduces experience design theories, provides awareness changing and embeds the review's findings.

Get in touch to find out how an Audience-Centred Visitor Review could help you offer a better experience.

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Engaging Local Audiences Starter Pack

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Embedding audience development workshop

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