Demonstrating success and identifying learning are at the heart of evaluation – this session will provide a process for you and your organisation to follow to help you define and gather those all important facts, figures and insights.

This session will show you how to co-design an evaluation framework with your colleagues to help you effectively demonstrate the outcomes and impacts your organisation delivers – whether related to enjoyment, diversity, social or economic impacts or other areas important to your organisation.

You’ll be talked through standard models and discover how to use different kinds of data for evaluating activities delivered across your organisation – quantitative or qualitative. Whether you are looking for an effective process or to understand specific elements of evaluation or data collection, this session will leave you with practical ways of building evaluation into the work of your organisation.


For individuals in mid to senior leadership roles responsible for evaluation and monitoring of public engagement activity, whether ongoing or project-based, who want to build their toolbox and broaden their understanding of using data for evaluation purposes across their organisation – whether for business planning, advocacy, fundraising or reporting.

What will you learn:

In this session, you will learn about evaluation techniques and processes, helping you plan and measure success and demonstrate the value of effective evaluation within your organisation.


Jonathan Goodacre, Senior Consultant (International)


This session takes the form of a 90-minute workshop-style webinar with the opportunity to ask questions.

Cost: Free

Date: Thursday 7 December 2023 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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