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Senior Consultant, International

Areas of expertise:

  • International cultural co-operation and audience engagement projects
  • Innovative approaches to learning and organisational change
  • Evaluation
  • Design thinking
  • The audience/visitor experience
  • Community participation projects
  • Cultural tourism
  • Outdoor arts

Jonathan is the lead consultant and contact for the international work of The Audience Agency.

He specialises in evaluation, audience development and international project management and is a member of the teams that evaluated Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture, the British Council’s Digital Collaboration Programme and the UK/Australia DFAT/British Council Season.

European work has included contributing to the Adeste+, Asset, Connecting Audiences, Doors and Future Museum projects. He is a pedagogical team member of the European Diploma in Cultural Project Management and a workshop leader on the Visegrad Summer School. Further afield, he is working on projects in India including the Festivals from India web portal initiative with Art-X.

In the UK, he has worked with a range of cultural organisations to help them understand and engage with the public. This includes leading the research of outdoor arts audiences, evaluating Creative People and Places projects such as Peterborough Presents and working as a consultant with the international outdoor arts initiative, Global Streets. He has also worked for several years on the Look Sideways-East and Head East cultural tourism programmes in Norfolk and Suffolk, as well as with cultural organisations in Cambridge, where he is based.

Jonathan originally studied Economic and Social History and Sociology at the University of York, then worked for two decades in a variety of arts organisations ranging in scope from pop music to experimental performance art, before joining The Audience Agency in 2013.

Image of Working Internationally
Working Internationally

The Audience Agency Group works across the world on a range of initiatives, partnerships and projects. We value working internationally not just to share our expertise but as a means of discovery – to learn from new people, to evolve our concepts and practices.

Image of Case in Point | Peterborough Presents
Case in Point | Peterborough Presents

Working with Peterborough Presents to evaluate and evolve its Creative People and Places action research programme into an active model for social representation and creative change.

Image of International Agent | Planning for People
International Agent | Planning for People

Jonathan Goodacre discusses developing and implementing a user-centered design thinking process through the large scale Creative Europe project Adeste+.

Image of International Agent | Outdoor Arts - above and beyond audience development
International Agent | Outdoor Arts - above and beyond audience development

“Experiencing culture that is live and unique to a specific public space reminds us of the value of enjoying something together.”