The Audience Agency has unrivalled collective experience of working with the arts, heritage and cultural sector.

With a network of consultants across England, Scotland and Wales we support cultural organisations wherever they need us across the UK and, increasingly, abroad. Whatever the size of your organisation, or the nature of your challenge or project, we can support you.

Our experts can provide advice across specialist areas, from digital marketing to data analysis; strategy development to fundraising; partnership working to campaign implementation and more.

Photo of Alec Ward file
Alec Ward

Consultant - Lead for Digital Content and Skills

Photo of Anra Kennedy file
Anra Kennedy

Consultant Director

Ben Jeffries

Head of Scotland

Photo of Beth Harper file
Beth Harper

Business Development Officer

Photo of Caitlin Wagner file
Caitlin Wagner

Consultancy Project Manager

Photo of Cara Pickering file
Cara Pickering

Senior Consultant (Place Based)

Carly Henderson

Senior Consultant, Co-creation and Participation

Photo of Catherine Bradley file
Catherine Bradley

Senior Consultant

Photo of Dan Cowley file
Dan Cowley

Research Manager

Photo of Darcey Henderson file
Darcey Henderson

Research Assistant