Creativity and collaboration are at the heart of place-shaping. We help you to achieve meaningful cultural change, working in place-based partnerships.

We can help you to:

  • Map your community. Understand your place and all its assets using our powerful datasets to help build your business case.
  • Understand your range of stakeholders. Explore the interests, desires and concerns of all stakeholders, from residents to businesses to policy makers.
  • Recognise opportunities. Identify strategic social or economic opportunities and partnerships.
  • Find a common language. Learn how to conduct multi-partner conversations between sectors.
  • Work with local communities. Co-design programmes and activities that are relevant and meaningful to residents.
  • Evaluate impact. Assess the social and economic impacts of your placeshaping work.
  • Create lasting change. Design a legacy project that has longevity for all stakeholders.

OFf the shelf

Our off-the-shelf solutions are quick-win ways to make meaningful change fast.

designed for you

We work directly and collaboratively with your team to help you address your organisation's unique challenges and design long-term solutions that are right for you.

Shaping Places, Supporting Communities

We can support you to maximise your assets & build lasting relationships, whether working with local people or large scale capital investments.

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Creative People and Places

We provide tailor made local support, if you’re applying to become a CPP for the first time or continuing your programme.

Supporting Local Authorities

We are specialists in place, combining our expertise in data, audience development and evaluation to help you to inform strategy and make evidence-based decisions.

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Image of Case in Point | Create Church Street
Case in Point | Create Church Street

Working with Westminster City Council to evaluate the regenerative impact of a programme of artistic projects designed to engage, inspire and unify the local community.

Image of Feature | Creative processes at the heart of Placemaking
Feature | Creative processes at the heart of Placemaking

The place in which a cultural organisation finds itself can determine how it thrives, survives or even dies, but many organisations are now taking the lead in helping places reinvent themselves. Anne Torreggiani explores the rise of place-shaping.

Image of Case in Point | Peterborough Presents
Case in Point | Peterborough Presents

Working with Peterborough Presents to evaluate and evolve its Creative People and Places action research programme into an active model for social representation and creative change.

Image of Case in Point | East Durham Creates
Case in Point | East Durham Creates

How a Creative People and Places participant combined Audience Finder and Audience Spectrum insights to build an audience representative of its local population.

Image of Research | Cultural Destinations
Research | Cultural Destinations

Working with Marketing Manchester to understand the profile of cultural tourists to the Greater Manchester region.

Image of Using Your Area Profile Report Plus
Using Your Area Profile Report Plus

An Area Profile Report Plus (APR+) gives a detailed view on the profile and demographics of a particular area, including splits by postcode sector.

Image of Report | Creative People and Places: Digital Engagement & Opportunities
Report | Creative People and Places: Digital Engagement & Opportunities

Insight and practical recommendations for how CPPs can harness digital tools more effectively.

Image of Case in Point | Furtherfield
Case in Point | Furtherfield

Working with a London based art and technology centre and an immersive technology design studio to understand how community stakeholders can take ownership of how their public spaces evolve.

Image of United Kingdom
United Kingdom

We work with arts, culture and heritage organisations across the UK to help them understand who their audiences are and discover who they could be.