As early adopters, this group is confident with both in-situ digital art and engaging with arts online, and are likely to have done so even more during the pandemic years.

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General Engagement

The earliest adopters of digital technologies, they are constantly connected via their smartphones, and couldn’t manage their lives without the internet.

  • Over a third watch on demand TV and use streaming – far and away the segment most given to doing so – reflecting confidence in their own, rather than curated, tastes.
  • Frequent shopping online allows them to purchase goods efficiently, and price is less important than time.

Arts and Culture

This is the most likely group to engage with, stream and subscribe to arts and culture organisations' own online creative content.

  • By far the best prospect for digital art, online and in situ, confidence in both technology and the arts makes them the dominant audience for this work.
  • They are especially likely to have taken up digital offers during lockdown and to make recommendations to friends.

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