Prosperous, liberal urbanites, interested in a very wide cultural spectrum.

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Metroculturals choose a city lifestyle for the broad cultural opportunity it affords. They are therefore interested in a very wide spectrum of activity, but many tend towards their own preferred artform or style. Although active museum attenders, engage more with the performing arts, and many on a weekly basis. Working in demanding but rewarding professions, they are highly educated and have a wide variety of other interests from food and travel to current affairs and architecture.

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Key Statistics:

Activity Level


High Cultural Engagement

Spectrum Ranking



Audience Finder Benchmark


10% of Active Audiences

Population Prevalence


5% of UK Population

AS chart - 1 M.png

Core Characteristics:

  • Profiles: An active, educated, prosperous, ethnically diverse and liberal-minded group who choose the urban lifestyle specifically for the broad range of cultural opportunities it offers. More information.
  • Attitudes: Time is more important than money for this busy, cultured and creative group, who are happy to pay for premium experiences and support the arts as a worthy cause. More information.
  • Sectors: Though primarily Performing Arts leaning, this group is also drawn to Museums, Heritage sites and Festivals and is the most open to new and innovative creative work. More information.
  • Places: This group is overwhelmingly located in prosperous city centres, especially London, and engages with the concept of 'community' on a societal, rather than local, level. More information.
  • Digital Activities: As early adopters, this group is confident with both in-situ digital art and engaging with arts online, and are likely to have done so even more during the pandemic years. More information.
  • Communications: This trend-setting group likes to feel on the cutting edge of culture and responds best to well-targeted e-comms that acknowledge their broad and refined tastes. More information.

NEW | Metroculturals Further Segmented:

While all Metroculturals broadly share these core characteristics, closer examination reveals two key subsegments who differ in life stage and style. If your target audience or local area is heavy on Metroculturals, understanding their variety can help with programming, marketing and outreach.

Metroculturals | M1 Metroculturals | M2

Older, established and high-spending professional elites.


About this Subsegment

Younger, mobile and emerging metropolitan professionals.


About this Subsegment

Covid Cultural Participation Scale:

Informed by evidence from the Cultural Participation Monitor, this scale shows whether this group's intention and ability to engage with arts and culture long term was likely to have been more or less affected by Covid than other segments.

Covid Scale Metroculturals.png

  • As Metroculturals are both heavily urban and highly culturally engaged, their long term attitudes towards engaging with the arts are likely unaffected.
  • They are the most likely group to have missed arts during lockdown and they are likely to have taken up cultural organisations' digital offers, and to have been especially keen to return in person.
  • For many city centre venues, especially theatres, this will probably have been the first group back through the door when restrictions were lifted.
  • See Audience Spectrum Through Covid for more about their experience.

Cost of Living Concerns:

Metroculturals Covid vs COL.png

Despite not having quite returned to pre-Covid attendance levels, Metroculturals are among the least likely to be put off by cost-of-living concerns, so audiences can be expected to continue to engage through this most recent crisis.

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