An active, educated, prosperous, ethnically diverse and liberal-minded group who choose the urban lifestyle specifically for the broad range of cultural opportunities it offers.

Explore the typical lifestages and characteristics of Metroculturals:


There is a lot of demographic diversity in this segment, especially in terms of age, family circumstance and cultural background.

  • This segment is made up of many different age groups, trending just slightly younger than the population average.
  • Only a fifth have children at home, while nearly 50% are single.
  • Metroculturals are truly cosmopolitan; the group least likely to identify as “White English”, with only 50% doing so.
  • The segment includes above average numbers of people of all other cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, including the highest number of foreign nationals and people of mixed cultural heritage.
  • They have the lowest levels of disability and long-standing illness (17%) and of mental health conditions (19%) of any Audience Spectrum group.


Metroculturals are a highly educated, prosperous, successful, liberal-minded and urbanite segment.

  • While Metroculturals are notable for their affluence and city-centre living, their most defining demographic feature is level of education.
  • Over 70% have a degree level education and a significant proportion have further post-graduate or professional qualifications.
  • They play hard, but they work even harder, typically holding demanding but rewarding high-status roles in key financial and professional organisations, as well as in politics, media and the arts.
  • From primary research it can be noted that a significant proportion of Metroculturals are arts and museums professionals.


Many among this digitally savvy and constantly connected group have chosen a city lifestyle specifically for the broad cultural opportunity it affords.

  • Beyond their core and character defining passion for culture, Metroculturals are also highly active in other ways, taking part in a broad spectrum of leisure pursuits, from fitness and sport to speaking events and eating out.
  • They are avid travellers, taking frequent foreign trips to a wide variety of destinations, and are most likely to visit heritage sites, both home and away.
  • Metroculturals are generally early adopters and have amongst the highest online presence of all the segments, and use web and mobile extensively for leisure purposes.

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