Innovation for arts, culture & heritage

Golant Innovation (formerly known as Golant Media Ventures) is an innovation agency working across the creative, digital, third and public sectors. We work particularly with organisations in the arts, culture and heritage sectors. Founded in 2005, we became part of The Audience Agency Group in 2018.

Asking the right questions

People come to us with hard challenges. One client joked that she knew it was time to call us in when she couldn’t even describe the problem she had, let alone find the solution!

The ways we solve these challenges are to:

  • Use design thinking to collaboratively co-design physical and digital solutions with our clients.
  • Spot and translate relevant innovations from other sectors.
  • Develop business models with cultural, social and economic value.
  • Think long-term and imagine what future contexts for arts, culture and heritage will be.

Although digital technologies are an important part of our lives, work and culture as we near the 2020s, we believe successful innovation is about developing people and changing organisations first. Finding the technologies and data that help us do that comes second.

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Golant Innovation and The Audience Agency

As an innovation lab for arts, culture and heritage organisations, we are a place to develop new products and services and space to explore new markets and opportunities. This is true for our clients and partners, as well as The Audience Agency itself.

As The Audience Agency's enterprise arm, we can work on projects and with clients that fall outside of its charitable remit. This can mean working with :

  • International clients
  • For-profit organisations, such as digital or the wider creative industries
  • Private or enterprise finance
  • Culture, government or other organisations to deliver projects on a commercial basis

All of our profits are put back into achieving The Audience Agency’s charitable aims, making its services accessible to those who would not otherwise be able to afford them.

Explore some of the projects that we have been part of...