Our Using Evidence To… route-maps are designed to help you navigate your own data and The Audience Agency’s free resources to clear key hurdles for bouncing forwards.

There are many obvious reasons why things are so challenging at the moment for cultural workers. But one is this: there’s not just more to do and fewer people to do it, but what we have to do is also new and complex and rapidly changing. We’ve not previously had to rearrange events on this scale, or pivot to digital so hastily, or plan for new visitor journey and seating plans, or base all of these on audiences’ differing fears of infection. Or do all of these, and more, at once.

There’s a host of reports and information and articles out there to help (including on our Evidence Hub). But we recognise it can be hard to navigate it all with so much else to think about. So we’re trying to make it simpler.

These route-maps take particular challenges (e.g. ‘how to use evidence to reopen museums and galleries?’ or ‘how should I use Audience Spectrum to plan for reopening?’) and break them down into steps, with the questions and evidence you’d need to address them. You can use them as an overall plan to follow (or adapt), or scan through them to pinpoint evidence for more specific questions.

If there are specific other Route-maps that you would find helpful, please let us know.

Available Route-Maps:

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