Check here for regular updates into audience trends and behaviours as they change.

You’ll find both general insight about audiences and engagement here, plus new opportunities to understand your own visitors and participants. There’s essential analysis from The Audience Finder data-set – the largest of its kind in the world – the opportunity to join our new free Digital Audiences Survey, and a round-up of other resources and research. Use the Hub to help you make informed decisions without needing to trawl lots of different online sources: news and research services are updated every week.

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Image of Bounce Forwards | Revenue Tracker
Bounce Forwards | Revenue Tracker

Delving into Audience Finder ticketing data to understand the impact of COVID-19 on venue incomes.

Image of Bounce Forwards | Digital Audience Survey
Bounce Forwards | Digital Audience Survey

A new free survey to give you a comparative snapshot of your digital audiences as you adapt your online offer.

Image of Bounce Forwards | Audience Spectrum in the Time of COVID-19
Bounce Forwards | Audience Spectrum in the Time of COVID-19

Understand the impact of lockdown on the behaviours of different Audience Spectrum groups.

Image of Bounce Forwards | Recovery Route-Maps
Bounce Forwards | Recovery Route-Maps

Our Using Evidence To… route-maps are designed to help you navigate your own data and The Audience Agency’s free resources to clear key hurdles for bouncing forwards.

Image of Bounce Forwards | Research Round-up
Bounce Forwards | Research Round-up

A regularly updating summary of all the best COVID-impact research being conducted across the sector.