It’s notoriously difficult to articulate the value of culture to people’s lives and to society, and in these challenging times the imperative to do so is more urgent than ever.

The new Centre for Cultural Value wants your input to better understand how, collectively, we can capture and evidence the power of culture and creativity to make a difference to people's lives.

By completing its 20-minute survey, you’ll generate insights into how you currently use evaluation and research in your work and how the Centre can best support the arts, culture and heritage sector in the future.

Please join the Centre in its endeavour to nurture a culture of evidence-sharing where we learn from what didn’t work as well as our successes.

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About The Centre for Cultural Value

The Centre for Cultural Value recognises the plurality of perspectives about culture & cultural values. It starts from the perspective that everyone values culture of one kind or another, even if they don’t always have equal opportunities to take part. Our approach is primarily pragmatic: we want empirical research to drive decisions about cultural funding, policy, management, engagement & evaluation. Our approach will be participatory & collaborative: we will work with a wide range of partners & stakeholders to explore the timeliest questions of cultural value.

The centre's mission & core purpose

  • Why? We want cultural policy and practice to be shaped by evidence of what works and what’s changing. We’ll act as a bridge between the cultural sector, academics and policymakers to build a movement so we can all work together to make this happen.
  • How? We achieve this by making research more relevant and accessible and by supporting the cultural sector and funders to take a smarter and more rigorous approach to evaluation.
  • What? Our work aims to build a shared understanding of the differences that arts, culture and heritage make to people’s lives and to society.
  • Who? We are communicators, brokers and co-researchers of cultural value in all its guises.

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The Centre is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council England and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.