Segmenting the UK population by their attitudes towards culture, and by what they like to see and do.

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Audience Spectrum segments the whole UK population by their attitudes towards culture, and by what they like to see and do. It is the most accurate tool the sector has ever had to help target audiences and include a wider public. And it just got even better, with 20 new subsegments that enable greater precision profiling than ever before.

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Audience Spectrum profiles the population at household and post-code levels and can be used as a tool for prospecting and data-tagging as well as profiling and mapping. Over 1000 organisations (large, small, ticketed and non-ticketed) are now using it practically and strategically. Register with Audience Finder Answers to discover how your own audiences profile against the Audience Spectrum segments.

Use Audience Spectrum to understand:

  • WHO lives in your local area

  • WHAT your current audiences are like

  • HOW you can build new ones

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NEW FEATURES | Updates and Enhancements

The next generation of Audience Spectrum brings even greater benefits to users by:

  • Introducing a new layer of subsegments enabling greater differentiation of groups, particularly useful in places where there are large dominant segments (e.g.Metroculturals,Kaleidoscope Creativity and Experience Seekers in London).
  • Enabling more targeted action in achieving engagement goals, thanks to this additional detail.
  • Providing enhanced resources and interpretation, refreshed with updated data and information, that are reflective of new patterns of behaviour, including the impact of Covid-19 on audiences.

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Some in-practice examples of the unprecedented detail the new Audience Spectrum subsegments can provide:

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find out more about each of the 10 culturally active segments and the 20 new subsegments that enhance them below, including information about behaviours, attitudes and preferences for arts, CUlture and heritage organisations: