This group is overwhelmingly located in prosperous city centres, especially London, and engages with the concept of 'community' on a societal, rather than local, level.

Explore the local activities and community engagement of Metroculturals:

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Metroculturals are found in large city centre locations and conurbations of great prosperity and growth.

  • They are largely to be found in cities like Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and Bristol, although the overwhelming majority are in London.
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Metroculturals live very purposefully in areas with plenty of access to arts and culture, that are large enough for them to engage frequently with a variety of activities and/or follow a special interest.

  • Their proximity to a rich variety of venues helps feed this segment’s cultural habit and ease of access often forms part of the decision-making process for people spoilt for choice and short of time.
  • Metroculturals have one of the lowest levels of car ownership and mileage of any segment – public transport connections, taxi ranks and bike racks matter more to them than to less city-centre based segments.


While Metroculturals volunteer more than average and have a strong sense of social justice, their efforts are not necessarily 'local', as they engage more with issues that speak to a notion of 'national' or 'global' community.

  • As active people, Metroculturals are also more likely than average to volunteer, nearly a third doing so across a wide range of activities.
  • They are the segment most likely to give to people on the street, as well as to homeless charities and other social justice causes, particularly overseas disaster relief funds.

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