Though primarily Performing Arts leaning, this group is also drawn to Museums, Heritage sites and Festivals and is the most open to new and innovative creative work.

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Explore the artistic interests and preferences of Metroculturals:


Metroculturals are the best prospects for any kind of experimental work, with their wide and informed tastes making them obvious targets for more obscure or niche cultural offerings.

  • The high degree of confidence in their own opinions and tastes that they bring when it comes to culture in part explains why they are the segment most likely to favour contemporary forms and less commercial offerings.
  • Although many enjoy classical works, as a group, Metroculturals represent the best prospects for new work and cultural innovation, and their recommendations may influence less confident and pioneering audiences.
  • Innovative creative partnerships between artists of contrasting styles and backgrounds are also likely to have good traction with this group, and can be a great way for emerging artists and practitioners to grab their attention.


Overall, Metroculturals are the best prospects for attendance and participation to most artforms, though individually they are inclined to stick to their preferred one or two and competition for their attention is fierce.

  • Confident as they are in their knowledge and tastes, it is important to acknowledge this group's wide ranging interests, from early music to digital art, and especially independent film, though their main inclinations do lean towards the performing arts.
  • In the last 12 months: a third attended a classical concert; a fifth attended opera; a tenth attended contemporary dance; and over half went to see a play or exhibition.
  • Although predominantly arts attenders, they are also the most likely segment to attend a museum - at twice the average - with 80% visiting at least once a year, and 80% believing that museums help them to understand their world.
  • Metroculturals also have the highest propensity to visit heritage sites.


Metrocuturals are extremely inclined to participate in artistic activities, be that in their own leisure pursuits, or as part of curated professional offering.

  • Metroculturals are highly engaged in creative participation, ranking highest for amateur dramatics, singing in choirs and playing a musical instrument.
  • They are the best prospects for festivals and other curated partnerships that create intensive or immersive cultural experiences and debate.
  • Metroculturals are three times more likely than average to engage as attenders and participants, which holds true across many individual artforms as well as overall, from street arts and museums to digital art.

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