The best way to increase sales and maximise engagement with your best target audiences: the audiences you already have.

One of the cornerstones of our work in understanding audiences is Audience Spectrum, our segmentation tool that profiles the population at household and post-code levels to understand who they are and what kinds of cultural offers are meaningful to them. With Audience Finder Original andAudience Finder Answers, it's easy to see the spread and concentration of Audience Spectrum segments across your catchment area. This helps you to understand how you might begin to engage with future audiences and encourage others to engage with you.

But as every savvy arts marketer, development professional, and programmer knows, you also need to nurture and maximise relationships with your current audiences. Knowing how and when to send the right offer to a receptive patron is one of the most powerful ways to drive sales; conversely, nothing can sour a relationship faster than the wrong messaging at the wrong time.

That's why an Audience Spectrum Licence is a crucial tool to have in your arsenal and is one of the most effective ways to apply segmentation to your campaigns.

Purchasing an Audience Spectrum Licence allows you to tag your records in your ticketing system, database, or CRM at an individual customer level, in order to easily profile your audiences and create targeted marketing campaigns. And yes, it’s fully GDPR complicit and easy to set up.

Cost: Starting from £2,000 + VAT for an annual licence to tag your whole database, and update new records up to 4 times within that year.

Number of records


249,999 records or less £2,000 + VAT per year
250,000 - 499,999 records £4,000 + VAT per year
More than 500,000 records £6,000 + VAT per year

Contact us at or by calling on 0207 260 2505 to get your database tagged and start growing your existing audiences with informed and laser-specific insight.

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