The free national audience data and development tool.

The national audience data and development programme that enables organisations to share, compare and apply insight. Built on a world-best arts, culture & heritage dataset, Audience Finder is the UK’s leading audience insight service.

Whatever you need, and whatever your organisation size or budget, this constantly developing suite of audience analysis tools and evidence-led support is designed to help arts organisations build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Audience Finder provides tools for collecting and analysing data with a standardised approach that builds a clear picture of audiences locally and nationally. The results help organisations to find new audience opportunities in a range of ways, including user-friendly reporting dashboards, online mapping and insight tools, and the opportunity to work in collaborative, data-sharing groups.


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Audience Finder Original is the arts and culture sector’s only free, national, truly data-driven audience development tool. Our technology, research and expertise empower organisations to easily understand, compare and apply audience insight in order to build resilience and strong, lasting relationships with audiences‚Äč.

Used by over 1000 organisations of all types across the UK since 2015, Audience Finder Original is one of the essential resources in every arts organisation's toolkit. By providing individual context on your data to put your insight into practice, the tool lets you analyse, benchmark, and report on your ticketing and Audience Finder survey data with ease.

"Audience Finder Original is one of the most exciting and powerful forces in Arts Marketing that has ever existed."

Chief Executive, QUAD


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We’ve been talking to our users a lot recently. We asked what you really need your audience data for, and what stops you from getting the most out of it. Your answers became Audience Finder Answers: the new insight tool, designed to make it easy for you to find the information you need the most and use it effectively to achieve your audience goals.

How you can use it today

Depending on what data you have, you can already:

  • Analyse your ticketing and survey catchment areas.
  • Drill down to see the geographic reach of your bookers at ward and local authority level to a date range of your choice.
  • Set up and access your Digital Audience Survey report and data.
  • Understand the Audience Spectrum, Mosaic UK and Mosaic Scotland profiles of your audiences.
  • Discover what your survey respondents say about your organisation?
  • Compare your audience profiles between two ticketed productions.
  • For funded organisations, instantly view and download an Arts Council England compliant audience report.
  • Download your raw and processed survey data in our survey library.
  • Fully categorise your ticketed production data with an artform.