The national audience data and development toolkit that enables arts, culture and heritage organisations to share, compare and apply insight.

Funded by Arts Council England, Arts Council of Wales and Creative Scotland, Audience Finder is the UK’s audience insight service, powered by a vast arts, culture & heritage dataset. Whatever you need, and whatever your organisation size or budget, this constantly developing suite of audience analysis tools and evidence-led support is designed to help arts organisations gain a truthful and useful understanding of the audiences they serve.

Audience Finder Data Tools work together to allow you to:

  • Collect and analyse data with a standardised approach that builds a picture of audiences locally and nationally.
  • Generate clear audience reports to keep funders and stakeholders informed.
  • Identify new audience opportunities in a range of ways, including user-friendly dashboards, catchment mapping, and behaviour insight tools.
  • Work in collaborative, data-sharing groups to build your audience development practice alongside peers.

Delve into Audience Finder Data Tools: