Experience Seekers further segmented for precision profiling.

While all Experience Seekers broadly share core characteristics, closer examination reveals two key subsegments who differ in life stage and style. If your target audience or local area is heavy on Experience Seekers, then understanding their variety can help with programming, marketing and outreach.
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Understand how these Subsegments differ:

Experience Seekers | E1

Socially minded mid-life professionals with varied artistic tastes.

  • Profiles and Places | Middle-aged graduates living around large cities, in urban areas, especially around the periphery of the centre, with particularly high concentrations in the South East.
  • Attitudes and Sectors | Motivated by identity, socialising and entertainment, they have omnivorous and contemporary cultural tastes, combined with socially-engaged outlooks. They have varied tastes and engagement, with a tendency, compared to E2, towards attending music, general entertainment, musicals and children/family work.
  • Digital and Comms | This group has relatively high use of social media, especially Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, and fairly high use of subscription content services.

Experience Seekers | E2

Students and graduates with adventurous attitudes in diverse urban areas.

  • Profiles and Places | Younger graduates and students, setting out on life. More likely to be in London, they often live in student or mixed student and residential areas, which are diverse in terms of cultures, ethnicity and social groups. Above average proportions are from Asian/Asian British backgrounds.
  • Attitudes and Sectors | E2s are open to a wide variety of culture, but potentially price-sensitive, and are interested in a range of art forms, particularly visual arts. They are the most likely subsegment to say they are attending 'for academic reasons', 'to do something new or different' or 'to learn something'.
  • Digital and Comms | E2s make very high use of social media and messaging apps, especially Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube. Their use of subscription services is also high, especially Spotify and Netflix. They have high levels of online gaming with others, and higher levels of use of VR/AR.