Recognising the value of arts and culture - and particularly heritage - in their lives, they are willing to spend leisurely days engaging, as long as comfort and access needs are met.

Explore the common motivations and behaviours of Home and Heritage:


Over three quarters of this group identifies with the arts and has time to spend enjoying venues, if the facilities are welcoming and accessible.

  • Like most segments, they are broadly positive about arts and culture, do see themselves as arts-attenders and value the arts in general, with only 26% feeling that “the arts is not for them”.
  • They feel particularly that heritage is an important contributor to sense of place and believe in the conservation of local heritage sites.
  • This group is almost exclusively retired or semi-retired so have time to spend, and safe, pleasant and formally welcoming environments are highly valued - a quality café or restaurant may form a key part of the appeal.
  • Level access, large-print, captioning and other access facilities are enormously important, with just over half this group declaring a disability.


This group values the price on the tin, rather than premium offers or transient discounts, though all-in elders packages can appeal, as long as transparent.

  • Although living on modest incomes, Home & Heritage are comfortable – neither bargain discounting nor premium pricing are likely to appeal.
  • Value, all-in pricing or senior packages/offers may have a particular appeal.
  • They appreciate unfussy transparency to which they can apply rational decision-making: this preference should inform pricing.

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