Largely found in rural areas and small towns, far from urban bustle, this group is limited in its ability to travel independently, so local provision and organised daytrips are key.

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Living outside of major towns and cities and in rural areas across the UK with the lowest proportion found in London.

  • Mostly located in dormitory villages, outer suburbs/edges of cities, small towns and rural areas across England.
  • Higher proportions can be found in the East, South East and South West.
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Limited access locally, low car usage, and a reluctance to travel, especially in the evening, probably mitigates against more active engagement.

  • That said, nearly half feel that they have plenty of opportunity to get involved in the arts, and they can be open to day trips if they are within a comfortable travel distance, and ideally organised as part of a coach outing or similar.
  • They are not generally big travellers though, with low car use and limited access to public transport, so they are largely limited by physical access to an appropriate arts and cultural offer, and the means to get there, and reliable transport may be a key issue.
  • Localness is key for these keen visitors of nearby heritage sites and lovers of craft activities, which can thrive in rural and small town areas.
  • Day-time offers are much more likely to have traction if there are access constraints.


A relatively community minded group, a quarter of all Home & Heritage have done some form of voluntary work in the last 12 months.

  • The most popular kinds of volunteering are event organising, being a committee member for local societies, parish councils, church committees etc.
  • They feel that heritage is an important contributor to sense of place and community, and believe in the conservation of local heritage sites.
  • Working closely alongside heritage organisations, history associations, or community networks supporting older single people would therefore create good entry or starting points.

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