Audience Spectrum Pen Portraits

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You can find out more about the each of the 10 culturally active segments below, including information about behaviours, attitudes and preferences for arts, museums, and heritage organisations.

  1. Metroculturals

    Prosperous, liberal, urbanites interested in a very wide cultural spectrum

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  2. Commuterland Culturebuffs

    Affluent and professional consumers of culture

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  3. Experience Seekers

    Highly active, diverse, social and ambitious, engaging with arts on a regular basis

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  4. Dormitory Dependables

    Suburban and small towns interest in heritage activities and mainstream arts

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  5. Trips and Treats

    Mainstream arts and popular culture influenced by children, family and friends

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  6. Home and Heritage

    Rural areas and small town, day-time activities and historical events

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  7. Up Our Street

    Modest in habits and means, popular arts, entertainment and museums

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  8. Facebook Families

    Younger suburban and semi-urban, live music, eating out and pantomime

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  9. Kaleidoscope Creativity

    Mixed age, low level engagement, free local events, outdoor arts and festivals

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  10. Heydays

    Older, less engaged, crafts, knitting, painting, sheltered housing, church group or community library

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