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Understand who your audiences are. Discover who they could be.

The national audience dataset and development programme enables organisations to share, compare and apply insight. Built on a world-best arts, culture & heritage dataset, Audience Finder Data Tools is the UK’s leading audience insight service.

This constantly developing suite of audience analysis tools and evidence-led support is designed to help arts organisations, whatever size or budget, gain insights from their audience data.

As data is standardised, organisations not only gain a clearer picture of their own audiences but can also see their audience data framed within local and national benchmarks.

Audience Finder Data Tools help organisations to find new audience opportunities in a range of ways, including user-friendly reporting dashboards, online mapping, and the opportunity to work in collaborative, data-sharing groups.


Audience Finder Original is the arts and culture sector’s free, national, data-driven audience development tool.

Used by over 1000 organisations of all types across the UK since 2015, Audience Finder Original is one of the essential resources in every arts organisation's toolkit. By providing individual context on your data, the tool lets you analyse, benchmark, and report on your ticketing and survey data with ease.

"Audience Finder Original is one of the most exciting and powerful forces in Arts Marketing that has ever existed."

Chief Executive, QUAD

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We asked our users what they really need from their audience data. Your responses formed Audience Finder Answers: the next generation insight tool.

Audience Finder Answers is powered by the same data that powers Audience Finder Original and Audience Finder Show Stats and is available to all existing users. This new platform is designed to make it easy for you to find the information you need and use it effectively to achieve your audience goals.

Updated regularly with new developments, the platform provides question led data insights to help organisations utilise both their ticketing and survey data.

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Audience Finder Show Stats allows both touring companies and venue-based organisations to see their audiences at a production level, performance by performance.

For the first time, touring organisations can see a clear picture of their audiences across multiple venues within a few clicks. These valuable insights can be directly applied to integrated marketing plans or build cases for funding and partnership work.

Ticketed venues can also use Audience Finder Show Stats to run production reports to complement the insight they can access in their Audience Finder Original and Audience Finder Answers dashboards.

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Whether you are new to the tools, or a regular user, the Audience Finder Knowledge Base has a wealth of resources to answer any questions you may have and make sure you get the most from your audience data.

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