Findings from the Cultural Participation Monitor paint a predictably concerning picture of how people expect the cost-of-living crisis to affect their in-person cultural attendance.

October 2022

Through examining evidence about cost-of-living concerns from the latest wave of Cultural Participation Monitor data, this recorded session discusses how potential audiences feel that their spend on leisure and entertainment activities is likely to change, and looks at which groups are expecting to cut back more than others.

A quick summary before we begin

Almost half of people say that they are worse off now than they were pre-pandemic, and 81% are worried about the effects of the cost-of-living crisis on themselves and their households.

Cost of living chart 1.png Cost of living chart 2.png

Over 90% say that they plan on cutting back on paid-for entertainment and leisure activities as a result, along with other non-essential expenses.

Cost of living chart 3.png Cost of living chart 4.png

Typically mid-to-low engaged Audience Spectrum segments are the most concerned about the impact of cost-of-living, with family and less urban groups expecting to reduce out-of-home entertainment spend the most.

Clusters table 1.png
CLusters table 2.png
Clusters table 3.png

So let's see what else the data is saying...

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