Dippy on Tour

Meet our new oldest friend. Dippy the Diplodocus is set to tour the UK, and The Audience Agency will be right there with him throughout.

30 January 2018

For the first time, the Natural History Museum’s iconic Diplodocus, also know as Dippy, is stretching its legs beyond the capital and touring across the UK. The Audience Agency will be with Dippy throughout the tour, having been commissioned by the Natural History Museum to be the lead evaluator as the exhibition tours around the country.

From early 2018 to late 2020 Dippy will be meeting an anticipated 1.5 million with the aim to encourage families across the UK to discover local nature, explore natural history, and deepen understanding of the natural world through science as well as engaging with the natural history and museums in their local areas.

The Audience Agency will evaluate and profile audiences before and during Dippy’s visits to hosting venues. These evaluations will explore any changes in who visits the museums and assess of motivations to engage with the natural world and science around the project. We will also explore how hosting Dippy supports the organisational development of each museum, around topics such as STEM learning offer, audience development and resilience.

Our team are looking forward to following Dippy throughout his tour and evaluating the impact of this brilliant project and regular updates will be available on The Audience Agency’s Twitter page.