Results from largest ever outdoor arts survey published

The Audience Agency publishes the second year report from the largest ever quantitative outdoor arts research project.

The Audience Finder: Year 2 Outdoor Arts report covers over 9,500 individual responses collected through interviewer-led surveys undertaken by staff and volunteers.

Year 2 report highlights:

  • Outdoor arts attract a more diverse and wide ranging audience, with those audiences being more representative of the population as a whole compared to other artform sectors.
  • Audiences for outdoor arts are predominantly local with 69% of people coming from within 20 miles of the event.
  • Outdoor arts are important contributors to civic pride with 70% of people interviewed agreeing strongly agreeing that the event they attended was good for their local area’s image.

The Audience Finder outdoor arts sector cluster is a partnership with the Independent Street Arts Network (ISAN), a leading national membership organisation for the strategic development of Outdoor Arts.

Anne Torreggiani, Executive Director of The Audience Agency commented:

“The report shows that the outdoor arts sector has a strong case to make about its capacity to attract wide-ranging and diverse audiences. However, staging arts events outdoors is not a cure all for engaging hard-to-reach groups. It highlights opportunities for wider partnerships between outdoor arts and other arts sectors.”

Robin Morley, Chair of the Independent Street Arts Network (ISAN) said:

“These findings really help ISAN to make the case for the outdoor arts sector and the unique economic and social benefits they bring.”

The report will be published on the Audience Finder website on Wednesday 6 May 2015.