"Storytelling is at the heart of the human condition, it’s how we construct our realities and our communities … it’s the heartbeat of everything we do as human beings”.

That’s the approach that has underpinned the way the Tate Galleries have used content to engage with their audiences and keep those relationships alive over the last year. In the second of our occasional series on how creative organisations are using content to meet their organisational goals Richard Leeming talks to Hilary Knight, the Digital Director of the Tate, about how she’s using storytelling to bond with her audiences, especially while the galleries are shut.

All cultural and creative organisations are a treasure trove of fascinating stories. But they don't tell themselves. To make sure you can use storytelling to meet your strategic aims organisations need to develop a content strategy. In advance of our second Masterclass in Content Strategy on January 28 listen to Richard’s conversation with Hilary to find out how your organisation can benefit from a structured approach to story telling.

Episode 2 | Making Art Accessible to All