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Whilst not glued to their devices, they none-the-less expect to be able to find whatever information they need online, both for leisure planning and news consumption.

Explore the digital comfort levels and online engagement habits of Dormitory Dependables:

General Engagement

With above average usage of social networking and streaming sites, this group expects to access much of its information and opinion online.

  • Although not typically big users of digital content channels, they do have high take up of paid satellite/TV services and are likely to have been streaming more content through platforms like Netflix during lockdown.
  • Their use of social networking sites is slightly above the average and Twitter is preferred to Facebook – primarily as a way to find out information, chat about events they’ve experienced and to share pictures, music and other media content.
  • Unsurprisingly, given their musical interests, music streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes are particularly popular with this group.

Arts and Culture

This group relies heavily on organisation's websites for details about programming and facilities, but it unlikely to stream artistic content.

  • In terms of planning their arts and culture engagement, digital is an important information source for Dormitory Dependables and organisations’ websites are widely used (especially heritage organisations), as a place to find out information about events, artists, performers and venues.
  • Despite commonly going online to get their information about programming and auxiliaries (63%), they are slightly less likely to actually book their tickets online (53%), or to view arts and cultural content through cultural organisations’ websites.
  • Even with an uptick in content streaming through the pandemic, they remain unlikely to take out ongoing arts streaming subscriptions, due to their more middling engagement levels, but may pay for one-offs.

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