Smartphones, apps, social networks and subscriptions feature very heavily in this group's daily lives, but engagement with arts and culture content online is unlikely.

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General Engagement

Apps, social networks and subscription Tv services are central parts of how this group organises their lives and spends their leisure time.

  • This group uses technology as an integral part of their daily lives, most often through their smart phones.
  • Likely to be part of a broad range, and make very frequent use, of social media and messaging apps, they especially use Youtube, WhatsApp, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Messenger.
  • They have moderate to high use of subscription services too, including Netflix, Disney+ Apple Music and TV, and Twitch and with high levels of gaming and use of VR/AR.
  • They are much more likely to browse blogs and listicles, and to download video and music, than to produce their own content.

Arts and Culture

More likely to engage with content that they can access digitally, than with physical publicly funded arts and culture, but still not particularly interested.

  • Though they use online video a lot, they are unlikely to feel that arts and cultural organisations’ digital offers are ‘for them’, even if free.
  • Their engagement with cultural organisations’ websites is quite low and they only tend to use technology to research what is happening in their local area, rather than to make purchases.
  • Cultural organisations’ creative web content is unlikely to be widely browsed, unless “pushed” to smart phones via relevant apps and social media networking channels.

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