The most ethnically diverse segment, this mixed aged group tends to be council housed, with low education, employment, and income restricting leisure opportunities.

Explore the typical lifestages and characteristics of Kaleidoscope Creativity:


The most ethnically diverse of all the groups, incorporating a broad age range of over 35s, who are usually either single or part of older families.

  • This group has the most diverse ethnic profile of any of the segments, with only 59% (the second least of any segment - see Metroculturals) identifying as White British.
  • There is a very high proportion coming from a mixed ethnic background, almost a fifth are from Asian backgrounds and one in ten is from African/Caribbean backgrounds.
  • This segment comprised people from a broad age spectrum, with over 70% spread evenly across the 35-65 years age range
  • There is a mixture of singles and generally older families, although approximately a third have children in the household.
  • Disability levels are slightly above average.


Financially strained council tenants with low levels educational of attainment and limited employment prospects.

  • Household incomes tend to be low for the majority, with around two-thirds facing economic challenges, living on less than £20,000 per year. (figures c.2015)
  • Educational attainment is mixed, with a quarter having completed a Higher Education course, but the majority of this group have not followed a further education path.
  • This, combined with a reliance on public transport for travel, contributes to some facing limited employment options.
  • They’re found in inner city suburbs in flats and terraced housing, where the majority are council tenants, though some own their own homes in slightly more prosperous areas.


Leisure activities are mostly limited to at home entertainment, though clothes shopping is a favourite pastime and some write their own music and poetry.

  • Kaleidoscope Creativity are very interested in fashion – more so than any other segment – and being based in central locations they have access to and spend a significant amount of time shopping.
  • Otherwise, their leisure interests are not extensive and lower incomes are likely to restrict opportunities for eating out at restaurants or spending time in pubs and bars.
  • They do have some propensity, albeit comparatively small, to take up home based leisure activities such as cookery, playing computer games and browsing the internet, and are also quite heavy viewers of television through cable and satellite subscription services.
  • Whilst they’re comparatively niche pastimes, there is also a relatively high propensity amongst this group to compose music or to write poetry.

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