Mixed age urban low engagers preferring free, local, culturally specific arts and festivals.

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These ethnically diverse, inner-city dwellers often live in local authority housing close to a lot of cultural provision, but don't tend to engage, as low education, employment and income all act as barriers to access. Some do consider themselves 'arty' though, so community-led, local co-creation can be key to engagement, and culturally specific festivals, street arts, and live music, beyond the western mainstream and outside of traditional venues, all tend to be more popular.

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Key Statistics:

Activity Level


Lower Cultural Engagement

Spectrum Ranking



Audience Finder Benchmark


5% of Active Audiences

Population Prevalence


9% of UK Population

AS chart - 9 KC.png

Core Characteristics:

  • Profiles: The most ethnically diverse segment, this mixed aged group tends to be council housed, with low education, employment, and income restricting leisure opportunities. More information.
  • Attitudes: Characterised by their low cultural engagement, despite some considering themselves 'arty', they are easily put off by price, so are more likely to attend free events. More information.
  • Sectors: Though attendance is generally low, culturally specific festivals, street arts and live music, beyond the western mainstream and outside of traditional venues, are relatively popular. More information.
  • Places: These inner city dwellers are close to a lot of cultural provision, but income and transport limitations inhibit access, so community-led, local co-creation is very important. More information.
  • Digital Activities: Smartphones, apps, social networks and subscriptions feature very heavily in this group's daily lives, but engagement with arts and culture content online is unlikely. More information.
  • Communications: Access this group through a combination of respected community advocates and entertaining marketing content, pushed to their devices through apps and networks. More information.

NEW | Kaleidoscope Creativity Further Segmented:

While all Kaleidoscope Creativity broadly share these core characteristics, closer examination reveals two key subsegments who differ in life stage and style. If your target audience or local area is heavy on Kaleidoscope Creativity, understanding their variety can help with programming, marketing and reach.

Kaleidoscope Creativity | K1 Kaleidoscope Creativity | K2

Settled and diverse urban communities.


About this Subsegment

Hard-pressed singles in city tower blocks.

K2 1.png

About this Subsegment

Covid Cultural Participation Scale:

Informed by evidence from the Cultural Participation Monitor, this scale shows whether this group's intention and ability to engage with arts and culture long term was likely to have been more or less affected by Covid than other segments.

Covid Scale Kaleidoscope Creativity.png

  • Despite being relatively young (30s-50s) and heavily urban, this group already showed a distinct lack of interest in traditional artistic institutions pre-pandemic.
  • This could be an opportunity though when innovating with regards to placemaking and local engagement as we build back better in the wake of the pandemic, and the provision of (free) outdoor and local events, festivals and carnivals etc could be well received.
  • See Audience Spectrum Through Covid for more about their experience.

Cost of Living Concerns:

Kaleidoscope Creativity Covid vs COL.png

Although Kaleidoscope Creativity's engagement has returned to pre-Covid levels, their cultural participation has always been low and they are historically the most likely segment to be put off by price, as is reflected in their cost of-living concerns.

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