These late adopters of digital technology are highly unlikely to visit arts organisations' websites or follow them on social media, and even less inclined to buy tickets online.

Explore the online arts, culture and heritage activities of Up Our Street:

General Engagement

Relatively digitally comfortable, though generally late adopters of most technologies, and very unlikely to use much social media.

  • Up Our Street are comfortable with using digital technology, but they do so to a more limited extent compared with people more generally.
  • They tend to be late adopters and use of social networking sites is not widespread.
  • Facebook is preferred to Twitter, YouTube, or other media channels.

Arts and Culture

Highly unlikely to seek out organisations' websites, and even less likely to purchase tickets online if they do visit.

  • The number using the internet to visit arts, culture and heritage organisations’ websites is significantly below the national average.
  • This is likely a combined reflection of both their relatively low levels of interest in cultural activities and their limited use of the internet.
  • Those who do use them will most likely be looking for information about events happening in their local area rather than to engage with artistic content or media online, or to purchase tickets.

Other LOW engaged spectrum groups