Up Our Street further segmented for precision profiling.

While all Up Our Streets broadly share these core characteristics, closer examination reveals two key subsegments who differ in life stage and style. If your target audience or local area is heavy on Up Our Streets, understanding their variety can help with programming, marketing and outreach.

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Understand how these Subsegments differ:

Up Our Street | U1

Middle-aged inhabitants of semis on the edge of town.

  • Profiles and Places | Middle-aged and with modest means in established local communities. They live in rural towns and cities, with higher concentrations in the East.
  • Attitudes and Sectors | Occasional attenders with mainstream tastes, U1s spend more and more often than U2.
  • Digital and Comms | They make average to low use of social media, except for Facebook, which they frequent.

Up Our Street | U2

Older residents of terraces and flats in built up areas.

  • Profiles and Places | Older residents in cities and conurbations, often in long-standing communities, with lower incomes than U1. They are concentrated particularly in the North West.
  • Attitudes and Sectors | They buy fewer tickets than U1, especially for music and plays/drama and spend less per ticket as well.
  • Digital and Comms | Like U1s, they make average to low use of social media, except for Facebook and Messenger, which they also use often.