Find out about the demographics and cultural engagement in your catchment

Get the picture of your catchment area

Area Profile Reports are the best way for you to get the full picture of your area, and what its population looks like.

It can help you with marketing, strategic planning, advocacy or as a starting point for organisational change. Area Profile Reports are popular because they are user-friendly, bespoke to your area, and easily actionable.

There are some brand new developments to the APRs, including easier to understand indexes and written summaries to explain the main characteristics of your population. We’ve also added charts and a print-friendly PDF format to make the report easier to digest and share.

Area Profile Report Standard

The Area Profile Report Standard provides an overview of the population within a target area you set (such as a town, local authority or drive time) and compares it to the population of a wider area.

It includes The Audience Agency’s Audience Spectrum segmentation profile as well as Mosaic profiles, levels of arts attendance and demographic information.

Cost: £125 + VAT

Download - Example Area Profile Report

Area Profile Report Plus

The APR Plus includes all the above alongside a breakdown of these variables for every postal sector within your target area.

This incredibly powerful report gives you an in-depth picture allowing you to understand how neighbourhoods within your target area differ from one another.

Cost: From £350 + VAT for your local area

Download - Example Area Profile Report Plus

Engagement Area Profile Reports

The Engagement Area Profile Report includes all the content in a Area Profile Report Standard plus the following themes:

  • Disability and Health
  • Older People
  • Young People
  • Disadvantaged or Underserved Communities
  • Local Communities
  • Families

This report is designed to be especially useful for those professionals in learning, participation or engagement roles, but not exclusively so.

Cost: £275 + VAT

Download - Example Engagement Area Profile Report

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