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20 years ago, whilst studying mathematics at one of Holland’s top technical universities, Coen took a job helping his local theatre navigate the then little trodden paths of the worldwide web – thus Peppered was born.

Over the past two decades, Peppered has played an increasingly important role in The Netherlands' cultural sector’s digital adoption and development. By expanding across Europe and transforming Peppered into a collective system of cultural organisations, Coen has continued to refine support for a sector with unique characteristics and challenges, providing superior solutions at a lower cost. As of 2018, Peppered’s Rotterdam offices boast 13 employees, serving almost 70 venues across The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Coen still hasn’t finished that maths degree.

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Audience Insight Platforms

We are proud to partner with a number of industry-leading arts, culture, & heritage solution platforms across the UK & Internationally.

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All-in-one Arts Marketing... Meet Peppered

The Audience Agency and Peppered announce an exclusive partnership to launch and develop the leading European arts marketing platform in the UK.