As a Pathfinder organisation, you will have access to tailored support and training for staff at all levels of your organisation. Your team will:

  • Become expert users. Learn how to implement Audience Finder insights in order to develop audiences and plan marketing campaigns.
  • Gain advanced access. Get free access to enhanced paid-for features, discounted rates on primary research and the opportunity to be the first to test and feedback on new features in the software.
  • Lead the community. Work with The Audience Agency to craft a series of best practice case studies which will be shared with the Audience Finder community and industry as a whole.

We are seeking a broad cross-section of organisations, from small to large, building-based to touring, performing, visual and other arts and museums from across England and Wales.

If your organisation would like to signal your industry leadership and resilience by taking part in this programme and being able to influence the future development of Audience Finder, please find out more and register your interest:

The programme is open to any organisation to apply and selection is subject to transparent criteria:

  • Willingness and ability to play a leadership role and to share learning with the wider sector.
  • Ability to make resources available – people and time – and to make change. A nominated Project Lead from SMT is required.
  • Clear and interesting organisational objectives that the programme can help deliver.
  • Commitment to the development of a data culture in the sector.
  • Good networks, including collaboration and partnerships, in region and artform.
  • We will be looking to involve a wide variety of organisations (region, scale, artform) and selection will be made on this basis.

What's in it for the Pathfinders?

Access, training and support

  • Receive proactive support from The Audience Agency Support and Account Management teams to make sure they are set up in the best possible way on all relevant tools.
  • Get free advanced training for marketing staff (at all levels) and SMT / artistic teams at the outset of the programme.
  • Take part in regular (or specified number of) mentoring sessions with The Audience Agency staff and consultants to ensure full adoption and implementation of the tools and the insights they provide.
  • Gain free access to standard enhanced dashboards for one year.
  • Take advantage of discounted primary research (20%).

Reputation and influence

  • Signal leadership and resilience within the industry.
  • Have prominence within The Audience Agency reports as sector leaders.
  • Be a prominent and influential voice in user-centric development discussions.


  • Be invited to stand alongside The Audience Agency staff at events (both The Audience Agency organised, particularly Community Forum Live events, and other industry conferences and seminars).
  • Be encouraged to take an active role in the Community Forum Online.
  • Be encouraged to make themselves available for occasional peer-to-peer support within their local community. i.e. be a local expert we can rely on for friendly, impartial advice to other users in the area.

Testing and feedback

  • Take part in user testing of new features/developments to Audience Finder and Show Stats.
  • Take part in internal evaluations of Audience Finder and Show Stats, led by Cat McQuiggan, Leo Sharrock and Louisa Hardinge.
  • Suggest improvements to existing features and ideas for new Audience Finder and Show Stats features. Pathfinders’ views/comments will, where appropriate, be fed into The Audience Agency's Product Council.
  • Take part in external evaluations of Audience Finder and Show Stats, via focus groups led by Firetail, for ACE reporting.

A memorandum of understanding will set out the relationships.

Register your interest in the Pathfinders programme

The deadline for submissions is Friday 29 March 2019, and we hope to have shortlisted and appointed by Friday 5 April. Depending on the number and type of expressions of interest, we may follow-up with a call.