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  1. Top Tips | Using social media to build an engaged online community

    Katie Moffat follows up on her popular talk at the Museums + Heritage Show with some tips and links to help you use social media more effectively...

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  2. Top Tips | Digital and social media for touring companies

    A toolkit that looks beyond Facebook and Twitter to other social networks, exploring how to get the most out of them...

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  3. Top Tips | Reaching families online

    Ideas and top tips for engaging with families online...

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  4. Event Blog | R U Engaging Young People

    From youth panels and co-production projects to internships and volunteering opportunities...

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  5. Event Blog | The Future of Small Scale Touring #fsst Symposium

    In many respects the touring eco-system is out of balance – where should subsidy sensibly go and what should its impacts be?

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  6. Opinion | The Anthony Lilley Leadership Briefings

    Reflections on the first series of our CultureHive Leadership Briefings on big data...

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  7. Event Blog | The Grass Is Always Greener?

    A view from the Marketing De Las Artes conference in Madrid...

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  8. Event Blog | Museums Association Conference 2013

    Trumpeted as the Museum Association’s biggest event to date there were 1500 people in attendance, incorporating delegates, visitors, exhibitors and speakers across the three days and two nights...

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  9. Opinion | The ‘Rebalancing our Cultural Capital’ Report

    Ivan Wadeson, responds to ‘Rebalancing our Cultural Capital’: A contribution to the debate on national policy for the arts and culture in England...

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  10. Opinion | Passion for the Arts Starts Early

    Instilling a passion for arts and culture means ensuring schools are equipped to provide access to great art...

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  11. Opinion | “Big Data in the Arts”

    Big data – there’s a lot of it about. What used to be known as secondary or administrative data, has had a new rebrand and is now just “big”...

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