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The last 12 months have starkly reminded us how much human beings enjoy the act of assembling together in physical spaces to enjoy music, theatre, art and community. But they have also demonstrated that, when used effectively, digital platforms can actually help organisations to reach and engage entirely new audiences. For certain groups, who may be limited by location or disability in where they can physically attend, the surge in digital performances and workshops has even opened a seemingly long locked door. We're using our extensive research into online audiences' behaviours, motivations and expectations to work with arts, culture and heritage organisations of all shapes and sizes to help them understand and seize the new opportunities that digital can offer in a post-Covid world.

We have spent the year researching audience responses to the pandemic, and understanding their digital engagement has been a crucial aspect of that work. 12 months on, we're starting to form a really clear picture of how the crisis has transformed people's relationship with online cultural activity, and how that legacy will last long after the house lights come back up.