Each month we delve into an aspect of our work and your contributions to and opportunities in The Audience Agency community.

Democracy, what it means and where it's headed, is the hot topic this autumn. While America braces for an era-defining election and administrations across the world strain under the weight of COVID-19's reign of terror, the cultural sector continues to be hard hit. In this climate, working towards Cultural Democracy - finding a more meaningful role in our communities; being more inclusive in our approach - has never been more pressing, or more challenging. Becoming more democratic lives or dies by our willingness and ability to work in a people-centred way. In recent years, a crucial focus of our work at The Audience Agency has been to explore and enable a more people-centred approach. Find out more about the nuts, bolts and benefits of working “with not for” your community. It just might be the silver lining of the COVID-19 cloud.