A regularly updating summary of all the best COVID-impact research being conducted across the sector.

There’s a lot of information, evidence, opinion, speculation out there about the arts and COVID-19. The following sources of information are some that we at The Audience Agency think are useful and informative (including some we’ve produced, to show how they fit into that wider picture). We’ll continue to add to them over the coming weeks.


  1. Before COVID-19
  2. The impact of COVID-19 on Arts and Heritage
  3. The wider impact of COVID-19
  4. Evidence about audiences
  5. Reopening
  6. Looking to the future

1. Before COVID-19

Before we start talking about the ‘new normal’ – let’s understand the ‘old normal’…

2. The Impact of COVID-19 on Arts and Heritage

Sources to understand the immediate impact of the crisis…

3. The Wider Impact of COVID-19

Understanding the social and economic impacts more broadly…

4. Evidence About Audiences

What we know so far about audience responses...

5. Reopening

Ways to respond in the early phases, inc. examples of organisations’ adaptations...

Specific examples...

6. Looking to the Future

There’s plenty of discussion of ways in which we should work differently in future…

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